How can you open a bank account with your mobile phone?

The time when you had to wait in the long queues and to fill a bunch of documents in order to open a bank account is becoming history. Thanks to technology and innovation, you won’t have to leave the comfort of your home to go to a branch bank because nowadays you can open a bank account in just a few minutes with your mobile phone. Mobile banks are revolutionizing the banking system by offering many features that customers enjoy. Using mobile banks is one of the latest trends that have millions of users spread all over the world. Opening a bank account is super easy, secure and simple and without the lengthy paperwork. Big ideas make the difference and opening your bank account couldn’t have been better. All you have to do is to choose one of the mobile banks available on the market such as Revolut, Monese, Bunq, Monzo, N26 or Payoneer. And then you have to download the app, prove your identity, top up your account and you are ready to use it. Of course, you will also receive a physical card if you ask for one.

Everything is done through the app. It works like a traditional bank account but with many more features. You save time and money. Plus, it is an amazing way to take care of the environment because you won’t receive any documents, contracts or letters to your mailbox. You can download for example your bank statements directly from the app. After you have signed up and you opened your account, you will have access to all the services offered no matter where you are, home or abroad. You can check your account balance, get customer support, control your setting, make payments and the best is that you can lock your debit card if you lose it. You don’t have to call the bank. All the information you need is built in the app. With mobile banks there is no need to make appointments and to lose working hours to stand in line in order to manage your finances. 

With mobile banks you get access to lower or no fees. For instance, N26 offers zero fees on all the transactions, including when you spend money overseas.  Bunq offers a travel card that gives you exchange rate, without any additional charges, anywhere in the world so you can enjoy travelling abroad. Monese is another well-known brand in mobile banks that has known success among immigrants and expats. And with Payoneer and Monzo you get access to a whole new experience when it comes to banking. If you choose to download Revolut you can spend abroad in 150 currencies with no or low fees. All of these banks offer great opportunities for each individual and they can be used on-the-go.