DNA Test - What is it and why is it useful to be done?

The inventions and innovations in all industries, especially research, in today’s life give us a lot of opportunities. We can find out new, interesting and unknown things about our family history, our ancestors, potential diseases and even how to raise our pets in a healthy way. If you want to know all of the above and even more than that you can do it now without going to a doctor. And you can find answers at questions like: where did I come from? Do I have relatives I didn’t know about? What are my origins? A DNA test will challenge your will and your desire to know more and more. With a simple sample of your saliva or a swab of your cheek, a DNA test can tell you the story of your DNA, implicitly of your life.

Why is a DNA test useful? Well, it represents not only a tool that can connect us with relatives we didn’t know about but it is also an amazing way to build our family tree and to know if our ancestors are from Europe, Africa, Nigeria, Scandinavia or Oceania. Moreover, it represents an important health-care tool that can tell us a lot about humanity: from health and wellness reports to guidance and family health history. We are usually seeking for deeper information. I believe that if we could somehow read our future we definitely wouldn’t say no. DNA testing kits reveal us how genetics could affect or influence certain aspects of your wellness and of certain diseases or other health issues. It tells us if there are any chances to develop Parkinson’s or Celiac disease, Alzheimer’s or Diabetes Type 2 as well as if we are a carrier for certain inherited conditions such as Cystic Fibrosis, Hereditary Hearing Loss or Salla Disease.

Some of these testing kits can give us personalized reports that will tell us if we are genetically sensitive to common allergens like gluten, lactose, egg, peanuts or histamine or if we need a proper diet and ideal workouts in order to achieve and maintain a healthy weight while others provide us with accurate information on our beauty by creating a comprehensive genetic report that gives us recommendations, based on our DNA, for topical ingredients (Vitamin C, Hyaluronic Acid and Green Tea Extract), supplement ingredients (Vitamin D, Curcumin and Fish Oil) and professional treatments (chemical peels or fillers). There are even companies that are selling DNA Testing Kits for our pets to determine their breed’s history or to get a customized life plan for them. DNA Test is an incredible way to know what makes you, you. And we all can make a difference because there are companies that are doing research studies in order to prevent or even cure different diseases like lupus, asthma or Parkinson for future generations. This is a big step for humanity.