The best online app for learning English

One of the most popular languages in the world, required almost at every job available on recruitment websites, English is a must-known language. And if you want to become an expert and to learn more than the basics than you should combine multiple methods. You can either watch English movies with English subtitles, listen to podcast, read books or you can try using online apps. Whether you want an entire course or you just need some help to improve your language skills, these online apps come in handy with interactive exercises. Every day we struggle to finish our tasks and sometimes we are overwhelmed by all we have to deal with, we forget that living in a modern world has advantages and that the access to the Internet help us buy plenty of time. It is time to learn English like a pro. And anyone can do this from the comfort of his/hers home.

With online apps we can learn English in less than 30 minutes a day while doing our daily activities. Below, I will try to describe in a few words which are the best online apps for learning English. With Babel you can learn both American and British English with courses based on your native language and personal interest split into 15-minute lessons for every situation: travel, work, lifestyle and more. It offers sophisticated speech-recognition technology to help you pronounce the words perfectly, useful tips and tricks as you learn for grammar and review feature to help you retain what you learnt. italki represents an online community that connects teachers and students for 1-1 online language lessons. You will learn English from native speakers with lessons that cover speaking, reading, writing, listening and terminologies of various industries in a systematic customized curriculum.  Mondly is adjusted to your needs with lessons that will help you memorize core words, learn phrases, form sentences and take part in conversations. You will improve your vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation with fun and interesting language lessons.

Pimsleur is a great online app to speak English at an Intermediate level in only 30 days spending just 30 minutes a day with a series of audio-courses based mostly on auditory or verbal perception rather than the visual one. Rocket Languages takes you from the beginner to intermediate level with phrases with voice recognition, interactive audio lessons as well as language and culture lessons. Trusted by top organizations like TripAdvisor, Calvin Klein or Nasa, Rosetta Stone uses a patented Dynamic Immersion method with interactive activities and contextual lessons. It is not a method suitable for those who want to learn by memorizing a boring never-ending list of vocabulary words. Transparent Languages gives language learning solutions for military and federal Government, schools and universities, public and academic libraries, corporate or other organizations and independent learners. You can practice listening, reading, speaking and writing skills combined with learning material for any lesson using dozens of challenging activities.

If you want to learn English by watching videos including TV shows, music, interviews, documentaries and lessons in an online video player designed for language learner, Yabla is your best choice. I guess that learning English is not a burden anymore. With these amazing and useful apps you will have fun and you will learn to speak like a pro while doing your daily activities. We are always on-the-go and technology helps us buy time and money.