The best online app for learning Spanish

Learning a new language might seem overwhelming especially nowadays when we are always on-the-go, rushing to do everything and sometimes we act like we are robots and we don’t have time to do anything. It is time to say goodbye to spending too many hours and money at conventional classes. If you are thinking of learning Spanish, you are the boss; you have the convenience of choosing when and where to study it. How?  With the best online app for learning Spanish, you can have this language at your fingertips. You can study it while you’re cooking, shopping, making exercises or waiting in the long queues to pay your bills. One of the best online apps for learning Spanish is Babbel. With its Sound and Picture recognition as well as Spelling and Fill in the blanks exercises, Babbel is suitable for people who want to learn Spanish in less than 15 minutes a days. The app comes with grammar tips, Review Manager with review sessions and with lessons based on your lifestyle.

If you already know the basics of Spanish and you want to become a skilled and advanced learner then you should try the immersion course sold by Fluenz where elite coaches who combine group and intense one-on-one sessions as well as hour by hour assessments will teach you everything you need to become fluent in Spanish in one week only. To learn Spanish with italki couldn’t have been better. This online platform gives you the opportunity to learn from native Spanish teachers. You get customized learning, you pay per lesson and you can learn Spanish the way you want because the lessons be personalized based on your interests, skill level and learning pace. Michel Thomas uses a unique audio-based method to learn Spanish naturally, exactly as you learnt your native language. You won’t even realize how quickly you will turn words into short sentences first and then into longer ones, creating complex phrases. In hours, you can have a real conversation in Spanish. Another audio-based method that will help you learn Spanish is Pimsleur. You will learn Spanish with basic phrases, vocabulary and grammar and then you will evolve to an intermediate level of understanding, speaking and reading. With Mondly, you can explore Spanish through an incredible combination of daily lessons with games and translations, a Chatbot with speech recognition and augmented reality. And you get instant feedback so you learn Spanish like a native. Rocket Spanish from Rocket Languages has audio lessons up to maximum 30 minutes each, interactive exercises, culture and writing lessons and Rocket Record a pronunciation tool to help you speak like a native Spanish.

Who hasn’t heard of Rosetta Stone? It is one of the most famous language-learning software for Spanish. It is an app that gives you access to amazing learning tools: Phrasebook, audio companion, stories, TruAccent and Live tutoring. If you want to learn Spanish with fun interactive games, conversations and phrases you should go for Transparent Languages. You benefit from real-life video content that lets you interact with native speakers as well as listen and speak activities, grammar tools and vocabulary games. Learn authentic Spanish with Yabla. You will study Spanish from native speakers only by watching videos including TV shows, music, interviews, documentaries, lessons. You get access to stunning features such as one-click dictionary definitions, loop play, subtitle toggling and pitch-adjusted slow play. Whether you want to travel to Spain or Latin America or you want to watch soap operas without subtitles, consider learning Spanish because these apps are easy-to-use and have many useful tools so you can learn the language quickly.