How can you learn a foreign language with your mobile phone?

Nowadays, technology helps us a lot to save time and sometimes even money. The industry of smartphones is growing day by day; famous companies know that these gadgets play an essential role in our daily life and they are launching new and upgraded phones every year making many things possible for their customers. We use our smartphones for everything: from keeping up with cultural events to socializing with our friends to booking tickets for our next holiday and to finishing tasks for work or school. Since we rely on these small gadgets that we carry in our pockets too much wouldn’t it be a better idea to start learning a new language or to improve the one we already know? Whether you are going at work or you are doing chores, or you are waiting in line or you are at the gym working out, use your mobile phone as a language learning tool.

Don’t waste all your time by scrolling down on your Instagram or Facebook profile. Be wise and start using language learning apps while doing your daily routine. Moreover, there are some apps that offer offline content so you can learn even if you don’t have an Internet connection for example on the plane, while you are flying to your next holiday destination. There are so many interesting methods to choose from. You just have to find the one suitable for your needs. Conventional courses steal us a lot of time while these language learning apps save us big time because there are companies that offer 10-15 minutes lessons. Easy-to-use, you have to download a language learning app like Babbel, fluenz, Michel Thomas, italki, Mondly, Pimsleur, RocketLanguages, RosettaStone, Transparent Language or Yabla, choose the language you want to learn, a subscription plan and you are ready to go. You get access to vocabulary, interactive exercises, culture and writing lessons, audio lessons no longer than 30 minutes. Some of them, for instance italki offer lessons that can be personalized based on your interests, skill level and learning pace while others – Mondly – gives instant feedback on your pronunciation, suggestions to enrich your vocabulary as well as interactive scenarios that make language learning entertaining and enjoyable.

And others like Fluenz gives you the opportunity to learn from a native speaker who will teach you hidden secrets of a language, phrases and words that are difficult to learn by yourself. Why not trying to learn a new language with words and pictures? It is fun and entertaining, and it is a method used by Rosetta Stone app.  You can spend your time listening, thinking and speaking with Michel Thomas app and you become part of a virtual class; you learn to speak in hours, not years. After you downloaded one of these apps, you can use it whenever you want. Even 5 minutes per day could improve your language skills. It is a great way to learn a new language in an interactive and fun way. Plus, you can start learning the basics of a language from expert-crafted lessons with Babbel so you can be more confident while travelling abroad or you can improve your skills and become an advanced speaker that will help you even in your career. It is time to become a master in language learning from the comfort of your home.