The best tours and attractions that you can discover online

We all love to travel. It calms our spirit and it gives us more knowledge. Holiday is one of the best parts of our lives. After working all day long for months it is the greatest thing to do. Yes, I know it takes quite some time and we put some effort to find the right tour especially if you are a travel addict and you want to explore as much as you can from the new destination. Museums, cathedrals, old historic buildings, landscapes and a lot more are waiting for us on every trip. But how can we save time and get the most of our holiday? It is simple, with the best tours and attractions that we can discover online. There are online travel agencies that offer the opportunity to book tours for a unique experience.

One of them is KKDay, a leading e-commerce travel platform that was founded in 2014 in Taiwan and is the place that connects every type of traveler with authentic local tours and activities. You can choose from more than 20.000 unforgettable experiences including rock climbing, scuba diving, secret sights, and day trips, guided tours or cooking classes in more than 80 countries and 500 cities all over the world. Picture yourself on a sky diving experience from Sydney or on a private surfing lesson in Hawaii. Or choose a day tour in Windsor to discover secrets about the Royal Family or embark on a private tour and explore the life of Hollywood starts. You can do all of these and a lot more with KKDay.

Even though it doesn’t have so many years in this industry, Klook has become a world-leading activities platform where a traveler can find fun things-to do: from day tours, guided tours to suggestions based on seasons to festivals and delicious food trips. Explore the wonder of Blue Mountains with a Day trip from Sydney or take a ticket at Hong Kong Disneyland Park and meet your favorite Disney characters. Klook comes with more than 100.000 tours and attractions offers so you can discover Singapore, Tokyo, Taipei or Bali and even more. Airbnb is definitely the place that will get you adventure, culture and unforgettable trips that you will cherish your whole life because it offers multi-day trips led by local experts, top-rated experiences to the world’s hidden wonders or city-breaks in the most beautiful cities. You can camp under the northern Lights, ride waterfalls in the Smoky Mountains or get to know over 300 species of animals with the help of biologist, conservationists and fellow animal lovers in UK, Iceland, Spain or Thailand. You can learn about sheep, arctic foxes, Ibiza the horse and Asian elephants.

Founded in 2010, Trip is other leading online travel agencies where you can pick your favorite attractions and tours to explore the world. Find your inspiration and search for the best places to see fall foliage, top backpacker destinations, top island vacation destinations, the coolest places to beat the heat next summer, top family vacation destinations or the most romantic ones. Visit the popular attractions in Cairo including the Great Pyramid of Giza or go on sailboat on the River Nile for a breathtaking experience or choose a trip to Rio de Janeiro to see the Jesus Christ’s Statue or climb the Sugarloaf Mountain to watch Monte Cristo and Copacabana Beach from the top of the mountain. Live your life to the fullest and book experience you will want to tell the entire world about. With these tours and attractions that you can find on the websites mentioned above you will discover a lot of amazing places. I believe is a must-have on your holiday list because you get the chance to know a whole new world with the help of local guides without getting exhausted from the amount of research you needed to find the most exquisite activities. And you won’t have to stand in the long lines to get in to the most famous museums or art galleries.  Save money, time and frustration and always book day trips and tours on your holiday.