Why is Cartagena de Indias one of the most visited cities in Colombia?

There are several reasons why Cartagena de Indias in Colombia is one of the most visited and appreciated destinations in the Caribbean area. The climate is particularly mild and pleasant, the beaches are beautiful, the security it offers (it is considered the safest city in Colombia), the delicious deliciousness and why not, the low prices for accommodation and restaurants, make it one of the destinations on which we recommend you do not miss it.

What can you do for 3-4 days in Cartagena de Indias? For a start, we recommend you to visit the old city center. He is quite impressed, and if you watch South American series or movies, you have a great chance to revisit the streets of this wonderful old town. Historic buildings, restaurants with delicious food (and at low prices), strolling on small streets full of flowers and greenery, dozens of cocktail bars make this center one of the most beautiful in South America.

Beaches: if you want a day at the beach, besides the beaches in the city (in the neighborhoods Bocagrande, Castillogrande, El Laguito) where you can spend a whole day, do not miss Isla Barú where you can go by boat on the famous "Playa Blanca", the most famous beach around Cartagena. It doesn't cost much at all and the experience you have will be unforgettable! There is also a dolphinarium where you can watch a dolphin show.

About Cartagena de Indias there have been written whole novels, we leave you to follow some pictures and do not forget to take it into consideration if you are planning a vacation in Colombia or in the Caribbean area. You won't regret!

Playa Blanca - Isla BarĂº