How do I choose the best hosting for my website?

Have you decided to become an online influencer, a blogger or have you thought about launching your first online store? Or, perhaps, you have decided to make your own website to start growing your personal business. Before going online and being known by everyone you have to take into consideration many aspects and start asking yourself what do you want to do and how are you going to become visible on the Internet. First of all, you need to think about a good, interesting name for your website, a short one to catch attention and to make it memorable. Then you have to buy a domain name and register it before someone else does it. Secondly, you need to choose a high-quality hosting provider to allow users to access your website instantly and securely. Choosing the best web hosting provider it is not an easy task, you have to find the one suitable for your needs. How can you choose the best one for your website? Well you definitely need speed, support and security.

Depending on what you plan to promote online, you have nowadays the possibility to access many web hosting providers that offer Shared, WordPress, VPS or Dedicated hosting. You have to decide which type of hosting you need. For creating your own blog that could be accessed by everyone on the web you need a WordPress hosting with features like unlimited storage and bandwidth, exclusive plug-ins and themes as well as WordPress customer support and expertise. Companies like BlueHost, HostGator or DreamHost come in handy for hosting your blog. It is not surprising anymore consumers prefer to shop online rather than going into a physical store. They save time and they can find more stuff on the Internet. If you are thinking of creating an online store the best you can do is to go for an e-commerce hosting provider. SiteGround is one of the best because it offers expert hosting support 24/7, between 10.000 and 100.000 visits monthly as well as free eCommerce plugin for WP, daily backups, a CDN, free Weebly site builder, shopping cart install and Let’s encrypt SSL Certificates.  If you are a beginner and you want a cheap it is better to go for a shared hosting service. It is shared but you will have your own account, separate from other website owners. This is a great choice for starting to grow your online presence. Or maybe you could try VPS hosting because it gives you more flexibility for your fast-growing website.

You will still share a server with others but you gain better control than you get with a shared one. It is great that many companies including the ones mentioned earlier and JustHost, GoDaddy or A2Hosting offer the possibility to upgrade to a dedicated hosting so you have your website at your fingertips. You get an entire server just for you giving you more flexibility, power, control and speed as well as other top features including automatic backups, dedicated IP addresses, real-time monitoring and the opportunity to choose the operating system you like. Remember in this field you have to think before you act so you can become an online presence with many visitors. You have to know which type of hosting you need by deciding firstly what type of site you want to build and then you have to fully understand features and resources you might want. Make small steps and grow bigger after you learn a few things in the market.