The best antiviruses for your mobile phone

Let’s face it. Cyber crime is a reality and it is increasing year after year. This means it is important to ensure your gadgets are protected with one of the best antivirus on the market, whether it is free or paid. And there are plenty to choose from. But why do we need antivirus on our mobile phone? Is it that important? We know we have to have one on our PC but on our mobile phones? Actually, it is recommended to have antivirus protection on any device that can be connected to the Internet. Without antivirus software, your mobile phone could become infected with malwares, spywares, adware, and theft and privacy invasion. These malicious threats can secretly control your device and even steal private information. And it is easily to get one of these threats: from simply sharing photographs with another phone to downloading games, movies, TV series or books to some of the programs installed by the user. Online websites for movies and other type of entertainment videos, online stores and even social media could lead to damaging your mobile phone.

If you don’t use mobile protection against cyber crime, your phone becomes vulnerable to many threats that could damage, delete or modify your files, multiply your files until your phone memory becomes full, hide some files and block some space or it could slow down your phone and even blocking it. It can also delete all your information on the phone, including rebooting it. But probably the worst part is that you can have higher bills because some of these threats can send messages to numbers with surcharges. An antivirus gives you real-time protection; virus scans on-demand, SD card scans, performance and battery life optimization as well as access permission check on installed apps and many other things. The best antiviruses for your mobile phone come from the leaders in the market. Bitdefender, Kaspersky, McAfee, Eset, F-secure, Norton, TrendMicro or Webroot are just a few companies that offer great deals on mobile security. With Bitdefender for only $9.98 you get secure VPN for a fast, anonymous and safe experience while browsing the web, remotely locate, lock and wipe your smartphone in case of theft or loss, minimal impact on battery life and account privacy that verifies if your email account has been breached. Kaspersky blocks suspicious apps, websites and files; stops spyware monitoring calls, texts and location, uses machine learning to combat new threats and it has anti-theft tools to protect mobiles and data.

It costs only $14.95/1 device/1 year. McAfee includes safe web browsing, free award-winning security scan and Wi-Fi privacy protection for $29.99. Eset gives you comprehensive protection for your smartphone and tablet with a wide array of anti-theft and privacy-protection features as well as excellent malware protection. F-secure comes with a lot of benefits for you: it protects the personal content and your children against mobile threats and unsafe apps; it blocks unwanted calls and it uses banking protection for extra safety when online banking. You can surf, bank and shop safely from your smarthpone. With Norton you get Wi-Fi security that detects and notifies you when you connect to unsecure network, anti-theft tools, web protection, and safe search, call blocking and contact backup. Webroot secures web browsing; blocks mobile threats, protects your logins and passwords and eliminates traces of online activity for only $44.99/3 devices/year. For $35.69 with TrendMicro you can enjoy advanced security and privacy and you can surf anywhere because this antivirus prevents mobile apps from loading dangerous and malicious website when you browse. These antivirus software offer even more features. That’s why they are the best on the market.