How can you buy Windows 10 license key for only $13?

A good operating system for our personal computer is a must-have and Windows is a collection of programs that succeeds in the market. Produced by the famous company – Microsoft – in 1985, Windows was frequently updated bringing improved features every year.  When it comes to software products, sometimes people don’t look at the costs but if you want to use the latest version of Windows, which is Windows 10 Home or Windows 10 Pro, you have to take into consideration that you might need to buy a new PC so you can enjoy this operating system to the fullest. This is a recommendation from the producers. Windows 10 licenses are expensive. For example on the price for Windows 10 Home starts from $139.00 and for Windows 10 Pro the price starts from $199.00. It can give us some tough time if we consider the fact that, for instance, Linux is a free operating system.

But to have a Windows license is worth it because it has features that make you more creative, original and productive.  It comes along with many benefits including a new Start Menu that allows instant access to apps and programs, a virtual personal assistant Cortana, a new web browser Microsoft Edge, built-in security and apps like Mail, Photos, Calendar and many other things. And if you run a small business, Windows 10 Pro is the right choice to make. We need Windows in our lives. And we can have it at an amazing price. There are companies that sell license keys for Windows for only $13. But how can you buy Windows 10 license key for only $13? On the market, we can find many websites that are constantly growing and are selling software licenses, game keys or game cards with the best prices and fast delivery straight to your e-mail address. Goodoffer24, G2Play, G2A, HRK Game, Instant Gaming, Kinguin or MMoga are just a few of these companies that sell Windows 10 license keys with discounts up to 90% and sometimes even more. But at this moment, only three of them are selling Windows 10 license key for only $13. From HRK Game consumers can buy Windows 10 Home and Pro for only $12.85 and from MMoga for just $12.99.

The massive discount comes from Instant-Gaming where people can have Windows 10 Home for only $9.12 and Windows 10 Pro for only $11.40. If you want to buy one of these license keys then you have to create an account using personal details as you do on every website to buy things you need. You have to follow the instructions and you are ready to go. Choose the Windows 10 license key you need add to the cart and you get your activation key straight away in “My orders” section or to your e-mail address.